About Me


Mr Banana has been performing and creating stage and street acts in over 40 countries for the last 10 years.

When he first left home at 16 and went on the road 12 years ago, he had no idea that he would find his true home on stage. In 2004 he came across a circus family in South America, that took him in. That was the beginning of an amazing journey that transformed himself and the audience throughout the world…

He found out that his passion could break boundaries between people regardless of their age, Gender, cultural background and religion. Mr Banana trained and performed with chinese and vietnamese circuses where he learnt most of the skills that he uses today.

He then started working for different theatre company throughout the world. He learnt to blend his strong technical skills with acting and could then create something totally unique and true to his vocation.

He has performed around the world in many festivals adapting his show to the culture where it was seen. He has also performed and taught in countless orphanage and has done many fundraising for different cause. He was one of the main organizer of Injuco Body Arts Convention 3 years in a row.

He continues to thrill thousand across the globe…

Apart from his solo performance he has been collaborating with musician, visual artist, clowns, poets and filmmaker.


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Hat Manipulation/Juggling


Slack Rope

Interactive Comedy