Pro Space




Open Air

  • 50-55′ minutes
  • 6m x 8m performance space (Minimum)
  • 6m height clearance
  • 2 fixed point on the ground to attach the structure 10m (minimum) from one another
  • suitable for outdoor festival & events


  • 6′, 12′ or 25′ minutes
  • 3m x 4m performance space
  • 5m height clearance
  • suitable for Variété & Gala Shows

If you are an agent or an event management company who does not want my contact to be on my artistic material, you can download this dropbox folder with videos, pictures and technical rider without my contact details.

If you want a full video of the show, feel free to contact us and we will send you a Vimeo link with a password for your viewing pleasure.

You want to send my videos to a client in China and they cannot see youtube videos? You can now click on these links to get access to my Youku Channel:

Promo 2014 // Promo 2013 // Mr Banana’s Adventures // “El Banano” in Spain // Cabaret Version Hat Routine