“Banan’O’Rama” web-banana-mouth

– Mr Banana’s Tribute to this Latin energy that is so alive sends out a message that can be understood world-wide.  He uses physical comedy and miming mixed with circus skills to produce a colourful display of skills.  In this show, Mr Banana approaches the theme of Gods and Super Heroes and our relation with them.  Funny and Provocative, Who will save the Audience? 

            Truly a unique Taste


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“El Banano”

El Banano is performed in a never seen before style using physical theatre and miming sending out a message that can be understood worldwide breaking the language barrier.


The Climax of the show is seen on a 2,5m high Slack rope that Mr Banana manipulates perfectly. Giving the impression that he can fall anytime, Mr Banana plays with emotions as well as he plays with people.  


A colorful display of skills!

                        Truly, a unique Taste!


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